The best All-in-One portable monitor

Designed for dynamic professionals, the FlipAction Pro 16" combines top-of-the-line LG display panel with a user-friendly interface in a timeless, lightweight, slim design. Perfect for those who need extra screen space with no extra bulk.

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Work, Play, Create

SOTSU specializes in producing visually stunning, well-engineered portable display monitors that fuel productivity, elevate entertainment, and ignite creativity for lives in motion.

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On-the-go office

With just one USB-C connection, you have the power to turn any spot into your own personalized set up.

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Connect and collaborate

Keep your performance at its peak, wherever you are. Our monitors offer the ultimate solution for multitasking professionals who need to stay present and proactive.

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Visual perfection

Embodying the ethos of "less is more," our display monitors are a masterpiece of minimalist design and high performance, finished with premium materials.

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